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Cyber Safety

Abraham Wing School is pleased to offer students at our school access to the Internet. As a learning resource, the Internet is similar to books, magazines, video,CD-ROM, and other information sources, except that it quite literally enables students to explore countless numbers of computers, networks, libraries, and databases from throughout the world. Use of the Internet for educational purposes will assist students in identifying resources; gathering information and developing the technical skills they will need for life and work.

Filtered and Supervised Internet Access

The Glens Falls Common School District provides filtered Internet access to our students. It must be made clear, however, that although your child’s use of the Internet will be supervised and filtered, we can not guarantee that a student will not be able to access information that you might consider objectionable.

 Responsible Access

It is imperative that both students and their parents be aware of each individual student’s responsibility for ethical and appropriate Internet use. Just as students are expected to behave properly in the classroom and hallways, they will also be required to behave responsibly while using school computers and networks. Technical resources are provided to help students meet their information needs within the context of teacher-planned assignments and school-sponsored activities. School staff reserves the right to suspend or terminate the use of the Internet by any student who violates these policies. Similarly, Internet use is subject to all policies and regulations that govern student behavior in other school activities.

 Parental Permission

Although you are not required to grant permission for your child to access the Internet, we firmly believe that Internet use in an approved educational setting, with specific educational objectives and under appropriate supervision will prove to be a positive learning experience for your child. If you choose not to grant permission for your child to access the Internet as part of his/her experience at Abraham Wing School, we will provide alternate information sources for him/her.

Please review the attached Student Guidelines for Acceptable Internet Use agreement that your child will be required to read and sign before being granted Internet access. We encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to discuss your family’s values with your child and how they should affect their Internet use.

Please feel free to contact John Godfrey, Superintendent, at 792-3231 if you have any questions about any technology use or policies at Abraham Wing School.

Student Guidelines for Acceptable Internet Use

Access to the Internet is offered to help students learn. With the help of teachers, the Internet can be used for researching, studying and communicating, but the Internet also includes some information that is not appropriate for students and the school environment. Therefore, students must agree to behave properly when using this powerful learning tool. The following rules should help a student understand what of behavior is expected of Internet users.

  1. Students must be kind and polite when using the Internet.
  2. Students must use Internet equipment only for school-sponsored activities.
  3. Students may use the Internet only when they have permission from a teacher.
  4. Students should not damage or mistreat computer equipment under any circumstances.
  5. Students should not access files without the permission or knowledge of the file’s owner.
  6. Students must not write or send threatening, harmful, or harassing messages or pictures.
  7. Students must not share their personal address, phone number or any other contact information over the Internet. They also must not share information about friends, fellow classmates or teachers.
  8. Students should be aware that e-mail and Internet use can and will be monitored and controlled, therefore it is not private.