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Coach Matthews



We are going to have a lot of fun this year in the gymnasium! Some of the units the students will be participating and learning about are cooperative games, soccer, parachute, bowling, locomotor skills, dancing, and many, many more! Other than having fun, two of our other focuses this year in the gymnasium are respect and responsibility.  When it comes to respect we will be learning how to be bucket fillers in class and NOT bucket dippers. Students can be bucket fillers through actions or words that show that they care about someone, helping someone without being asked, or by showing respect to others. Students, however, can be bucket dippers ☹ by making fun of others, failing to show respect or intentionally being disrespectful, or saying/doing unkind things or actions. Students will be working on respecting not only the teacher, but other classmates and themselves as well.

Students also need to be responsible in Physical Education by following the rules and by having their sneakers every day for class. We do a lot of movement in class so having appropriate foot wear is a necessity. Along with having their sneakers, make sure students are dressed appropriately for Physical Education Class.

  • Gym Class Schedule

    Kindergarten: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

    First Grade: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    Second Grade: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    Third Grade: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Fourth Grade: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Fifth Grade: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday

    Sixth Grade: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday