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Mrs. Matthews

I'm so very excited to welcome all of my students back to my classroom this September! I love spending time building new skills, discovering historical and contemporary artists, and expressing ourselves through our art! My art classroom is a place to celebrate creativity all year. As always, we'll begin the year by re-acquainting ourselves with the classroom, learning or practicing how to properly treat the art supplies, and how to get the most out of our time together. From there we'll have lots of time to explore our materials (get excited for clay!), and make our own masterpieces! 
I use as an online gallery to showcase student artwork, but also as an opportunity for families to order gifts/keepsakes with their students' art printed on it. Twenty percent of each sale is donated back to my art program and is used each year to buy more high quality supplies for the classroom. If your child is not currently registered you will receive a permission slip with directions on how to sign them up from me in the fall, if you have registered your student during a previous school year they are already registered for as long as they attend our school!
Each class has Art twice weekly and while we try to do out best to stay clean, messes do happen in the art room! Please have your child dress appropriately for their 'art days'. The schedule is here:
Mrs. Glenn: Wednesday, Thursday
Ms. Pigliavento: Tuesday, Thursday
First Grade: Tuesday, Wednesday
Second Grade: Tuesday, Wednesday
Third Grade: Wednesday, Thursday
Fourth Grade: Tuesday, Thursday
Fifth Grade: Tuesday, Thursday
Sixth Grade: Wednesday, Thursday
All interested fourth, fifth and sixth graders are encouraged to join Art Club! Art Club meets after school weekly. Art Club members work together to make decorations for school events, contribute to the community in artistic ways, and enjoy extra time for more art making! More information will go home with students in September!
Also as an exciting change for the 2018-2019 school year, I'm excited to be taking on the role of Character Education Teacher as well. Each class will have a 30 minute class weekly dedicated to character education. Each month we will focus on a new word that will build our character as we read stories, write passages, make art and lead by example through these character traits. We hope to involve parents in this new program as well, so be on the lookout for new information coming home! Listed below are the words that we will focus on each month for your reference. 
September, October - Respect
November - Community 
December - Empathy
January - Goal Setting
February - Leadership
March - Creativity 
April - Social Intelligence
May - Integrity
June - Forgiveness