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Mr. Armstrong

Greetings Future Sixth Graders & Parents,

September is almost here, which means school is almost in session! I hope that you all were able to get outside and have a little fun, as well as do some reading and work on math facts. I have known many of you for years now and have been excited to finally have you in my classroom. I have taught sixth grade for 15 years now and continue to use a lot of lessons from the past that students have enjoyed. I also look forward to you each having a Chromebook this year and building more technology into my instruction.

As you know, I have a reputation for having fun. That is true. You will also learn very quickly that I have high expectations for you as well. My goals for you as sixth graders are not only academic, but social as well. I expect that you maintain a level of respect for your peers and all other adults that you interact with at Abraham Wing School. You will also be held accountable to get your work done. It will be Graduation Day before you know it, and respect and responsibility are vital components for success at the middle school. 
My classroom is going to be very interactive. We have a lot of discussion about lessons, and I ask you to share your work quite often. Get ready to use your voice, when you have permission to. I often ask you to read aloud or orally present your writing. Be proud of what you have done and how hard you work! Give it your all, and that's all I ask!
We will take a nice amount of time when school starts to get to know each other more, as well as cover some classroom rules and expectations. As sixth graders, you all should have a good idea of what is right and what is not. Please use your sense with this and show the younger classes what great role models you are. Until then, enjoy the rest of you summer and I will see you after Labor Day!
Mr. Armstrong