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Mrs. Williams

Welcome! The Library Media Center provides an environment for students to investigate, explore, and discover new information. Here students will work on projects in a variety of different formats and technologies. We encourage our students to try new things and take ownership of their own learning.

The Library also provides students with a wide selection of books, suited to meet every student's interests to help foster a strong love of reading! I LOVE talking to students about books and both giving and getting recommendations on what to read next!


    Book Exchange Days                                        Technology Class Days

    Mrs. Glenn: Tuesday                                              Mrs. Glenn: Thursday

    Ms. Pigliavento: Wednesday                                   Ms. Pigliavento: Wednesday

    Ms. Girard: Wednesday                                          Ms. Girard: Thursday

    Mrs. Dymond: Thursday                                         Mrs. Dymond: Monday

    Ms. Diamond: Thursday                                         Ms. Diamond: Monday

    Ms. Whipple: Tuesday                                            Ms. Whipple: Monday

    Mr. Beecher: Tuesday                                             Mr. Beecher: Monday

    Ms. Manaher: Monday                                            Ms. Manaher: Thursday

    Mrs.Hamel: Monday                                               Mrs. Hamel: Wednesday

    Mr. Armstrong: Wednesday                                     Mr. Armstrong: Tuesday